Peru: Day 3–Lima–Barranco, Huaca Pucllana Ruins

We’re en route to Cusco this morning and I’m damned tired. I have some observations about Lima but I’ll wait to share them when I’ve a bit more energy. Here are some pictures from our last day in Lima:

Peru: Day 2–Lima, Museo y Catacumbas de Lima

You know the episode of Friends where they all go to the Caribbean and Monica’s hair gets huge from the humidity? That’s my hair in Lima. Today we took a taxi into central Lima. The taxi experience was one I’d… Continue Reading

Peru: Day 1–Miraflores, Lima

There’s something about traveling that turns my normally relaxed husband into a little old lady. His need to plan out every detail, complete with hand-drawn maps, is endearing, yet also annoying. He’s so fixated on getting things right that he… Continue Reading

Mistress of Fortune Publication Day

The winners of the Amazon gift cards are: Stephen J., Pop Culture Nerd, and John B. Thanks for playing, everyone. And more importantly, thank you for your wonderful comments. Today is February 3, 2014. Today I am a published author.… Continue Reading

Just Another New Year’s Cliche

In less than one month, I will officially be the author of a published novel. <Obligatory promo: MISTRESS OF FORTUNE out on February 3! Pre-order your copy now> One of the first rules of writing I learned was “avoid cliches.”… Continue Reading

Support Your Local Indie Bookstore

Did you know you can buy eBooks from many independently-owned bookstores? It’s true! By partnering with Kobo, independent booksellers everywhere are selling eBooks, just like the larger eRetailers. If you don’t have a kobo reader, just download the app for… Continue Reading

Mistress of Lies

Mistress of Lies is the second book in the Mistress of Fortune series, set in 17th century London and featuring Isabel Wilde, a mistress to King Charles II who secretly makes her living as a fortuneteller. Coming from Carina Press… Continue Reading