If you’re interested in crime fiction and writerly things, there are two newsletters you should be reading. There may be others (feel free to post links to your recommendations in the comments) but these are the two I read consistently and I’m always impressed.

Alex Segura
Stuff & Nonsense

Sarah Weinman
The Crime Lady

Authors are often told they need to cultivate an email list and usually, this is done with a newsletter subscription. I have one myself–the link is there to the right. The thing is, if you’re newsletter is just filled with self-promotion (and thus far, that’s what mine have been), they’re pretty boring. Both Segura and Weinman have taken their newsletters to the next level by providing interesting and useful content along side occasional self promotion.

I realize that creating these newsletters take a bit more time and planning than the usual “buy my book” variety. But as I look to the new year and how I want to hone my social media presence, I’ll use their content-driven newsletters as a model. I wish other authors would as well.


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