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A Grifter’s Song, Season Two, Episode 9

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Longtime grifters Rachel and Sam are at it again, this time targeting Mack Foley, the owner of a chain of Sacramento area gyms. Posing as a CEO on tour to promote her company’s ICO, Rachel approaches him at an upscale South Lake Tahoe ski resort, hoping the financial fall out from his recent divorce will prompt him to invest in their fake cryptocurrency.

Staging the con has left Sam and Rachel strapped for cash, so when the mark is reluctant to bite, they get nervous. But Foley is a gambler and it’s only a matter time before their hard work pays off—a little too well. They’ve hardly popped the cork on the celebratory Champagne bottle before they get some surprise investors and Rachel gets a surprise of her own.

When Foley realizes he’s been played and hires a fixer to exact his revenge, Rachel and Sam find themselves on the run again. With everything they care about on the line, they’re in the race of their lives and this time, they might not win.

A Grifter's Song

About the series

A Grifter’s Song is a novella anthology series created and edited by Frank Zafiro and published by Down and Out Books.

The series features Sam and Rachel, lifelong grifters and lovers who earn their living running cons. Their past is as shadowy as their present, but we know that they pulled a major long con on the mafia in Philadelphia, and now they’re on the run.

Each episode is a standalone story but is also part of the meta tale that evolves over the twelve separate novellas set across the United States. You can buy them individually, or subscribe and get a discount (essentially, one episode for free!). Plus, subscribers get bonus episode each season that reveals a few extra secrets. 

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