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Thicker Than Water crime fiction anthology cover

Shotgun Honey Presents

Thicker Than Water

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The fifth installment of the Shotgun Honey Presents anthology series. In this special edition, 20 authors present tales featuring female protagonists who navigate the precarious boundaries of the darker spaces of humanity. Includes my story, “Tell Me No Lies.”

The Eviction of Hope

A 509 Crime Anthology

The Eviction of Hope


It’s eviction day for the Hope Apartments. The residents have known about it for over a year. It’s too bad they ignored all the warning signs. Featuring my story, “Just to Watch Him Die.”

2018 Bouchercon Anthology

Florida Happens

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A riveting anthology featuring some of the brightest stars of mystery writing. Published in conjunction with Bouchercon, the world’s biggest mystery convention, this new anthology offers stories of pristine white sands and palm trees, snowbirds and theme parks, mangroves and manatees, pirates and policemen—from the redneck Riviera to the southernmost point of the United States. Featuring my Anthony Award-nominated story, “The Best Laid Plans.”

2018 Anthony Award Nominee

Killing Malmon


Twenty-four authors, one victim. A 2018 Anthony Award-nominated anthology to benefit the MS Society. Featuring my story, “Money For Nothing.” From Down & Out Books.

44 Caliber Funk

Edited by Gary Phillips and Robert Randisi

44-Caliber Funk: Tales of Crime, Soul, and Payback

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Return to the days of platform shoes, rhinestone studded sunglasses, the Panthers, disco and Blaxploitation with 44 CALIBER FUNK, an anthology of street crime prose stories. Featuring my 2017 Anthony Award-nominated short story, “Queen of the Dogs.”

The Big Book of Jack the Ripper

Tales of Red Jack's London

The Big Book of Jack the Ripper


The definitive Jack the Ripper anthology, edited by Otto Penzler. Featuring my 2016 Anthony Award-nominated short story, “Don’t Fear the Ripper.” From Vintage Crime/Black Lizard.


2017 Anthony Nominee


Crime writers writing without guns. A 2017 Anthony Award-nominated anthology to benefit States United to Prevent Gun Violence. Featuring my story, “Peep Show.” From Down & Out Books. NOTE: “Peep Show” is based on a real-life experience in which a transgender woman was murdered in the apartment building I lived in during the 1990s. It was a terrible and vivid experience for me at the time and when I began writing seriously, I knew I wanted to write about it at some point. Unfortunately, the resulting story, written in 2014 and published in 2016, is problematic and offensive on many levels. It relies on stereotypes that are erroneous and harmful to the LGBTQA and other marginalized communities. I deeply regret having submitted this story for publication and am committed to doing better.

This is in no way a judgment on the publisher, editor, or other contributors to this anthology—this is a personal apology on my part and I take full responsibility for the content of the work.

Protectors 2 Anthology

2016 Anthony Award Nominee

Protectors 2


A 2016 Anthony Award-nominated anthology featuring my Anthony Award-nominated story, “Don’t Fear the Ripper,” set in late Victorian London and featuring Caroline Farmer, a Whitechapel midwife who takes it upon herself to stop Jack the Ripper’s killing spree.

Feeding Kate: A Crime Fiction Anthology

Benefits the Lupus Foundation of America

Feeding Kate


A charity anthology featuring my story, “Just Part of the Job.” On her way home from a night of partying in the valley, a troubled young movie starlet hits a bicyclist on Malibu Canyon. Does she stay and take the heat or does she run? Oh boy, you don’t know the half of it.

Shotgun Honey Presents: Both Barrels Vol. 1

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Featuring my story, “Regrets Only,” about a chronically down-and-out woman who, upon learning she has terminal cancer, decides to tie up a few loose ends.

A Magazine of Noir

Needle Magazine


Features my story, “Once a Loser.” When Lenny Marston’s gangster uncle dies, Lenny must decide whether to fulfill his uncle’s last wish or take the money and run.

Free Stories Online

Pass the Peanuts – Published on Shotgun Honey, this piece of flash fiction tells the tale of a bad deal that’s about to get far, far worse.

Corn Nut Caper  – Published on Shotgun Honey.  Who knows what evil lurks inside that cellophane bag?

A Piece of Cake – A ten year old’s story of family, crime, and regret.

An Irregular Prowl – Jimmy Ward gets stopped by the cops and he’s hiding something under the passenger seat.