Get to WorkI just realized something a little shameful. The last time I updated this blog was in August 2014, nearly a year ago. I’m not quite sure how that much time got away from me, but somehow, it did, and I’m here to make amends.

I don’t know about you, but I always get the itch to get organized about half way through the year. That is especially true this year, since my husband and I moved house in December and we are far from settled in the new place. I’ve managed to create some cozy spaces in the house and outdoors so we don’t feel like we’re living in boxes (and haven’t for some time) but there are a few areas of the house that are in desperate need of an overhaul–or at least a good cleaning.

As part of my quest to get organized, I recently purchased the work book you see in the picture to the left. I liken such an acquisition to buying into a new diet plan–MAYBE, FINALLY, THIS ONE WILL WORK.

Sadly, organizational plans, like diets, require that you actually follow them if you want to see results. This is where I typically fall short. And yet, I’m always hopeful.

So in the spirit of productivity, I’ve decided that among my goals for the second half of 2015 is to post regularly on this blog. Another goal is to slowly but consistently get my house in order. We’ve lived for six months with no dining room table and there are a couple of rooms that are stacked with unopened boxes (which might explain why I can’t seem to find so many things since we moved).

Tops on the list, of course, is to finish my WIP, which I hesitate to even mention because I’ve had so many missed deadlines on that particular goal. I have, however, recently completed a short story that I’m quite proud of, to be included in an upcoming charity anthology.

Here’s hoping your summer is as productive as mine will be (optimism!)

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