Behold, one of my favorite knit projects of all time:  The Clapotis Wrap.  It’s meant to be a scarf, but it’s big enough to be a wrap.


I love scarves, and I don’t have near enough of them. When I found this pattern on Knitty, I knew it would be a perfect scarf for the not-so-cold winters of Santa Monica.


Of course, I used a different yarn than is called for in the pattern, but it worked nicely:

Patons Grace
4 skeins Brown, 3 skeins Azure
Size 6 circular needles


While it took me a couple of weeks longer to knit than I thought it would, I almost didn’t mind because it is such a fun pattern.  There is something very decadent about dropping stitches in a pattern, and in this one I got to do it every 12 rows.  Obviously, I have to get my entertainment where I can.

It’s also a forgiving pattern–at the end I had the wrong amount of stitches and I was able to easily “hide” it.  So it’s not perfect, but you’d never know.

I know I will be wearing it a lot this fall and winter!

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a project I designed using Sweater Wizard:


I have a bad habit of buying “someday” yarn.  That’s yarn that I have no project for but it’s so irresistible to me I have to have it.  Such was the case with this Misti Baby Alpaca Chunky yarn I bought at Stitches from the Heart.  This yarn is so soft I can hardly stand it!  I bought four skeins of natural, two skeins of sage, and two skeins of yellow, thinking surely I could come up with some project for it.


I’m really happy with the way it turned out.  My challenge was coming up with a color combo that would work with the amount of yarn I had in each color.  I still have about a quarter of a skein of the natural left, but otherwise it’s all pretty much used up.


There are really no bells or whistles in this design.  It’s just a basic cardigan with raglan sleeves, 2×2 ribbed edging, and seed stitched button bands.

If I could design it over again, I would make the sleeves longer and put more buttons on it.  Even though I show it buttoned here, there’s too much space between each one to keep it closed properly, so they are kind of just decorative.

On to the next project!

Last August (wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long) a girlfriend of mine had twin baby boys.

To celebrate their birth, I knitted them each a tiny baby cardigan using this pattern.

I used Caron Simply Soft for these sweaters because of its softness and durability.  Plus, I’d bought quite a lot of it for a crocheted project I’d planned but never completed (or even started).  This yarn worked beautifully for these sweaters, and the colors were yummy.

Coincidentally, another friend of hers had knit baby blankets in almost the same colors.

For the tags in these sweaters, I bought fabric tape and alphabet stamps and stamped my initials in black fabric paint.  Then I just sewed the tags in.  I thought it was a nice touch for a gift though I don’t normally do it with stuff I knit for myself.