This is one of those posts where I don’t have enough content to write about any one thing, so I’m going to include a whole lot of little stuff for your reading pleasure:

Bada Bing
Today is supposed to be warm in Santa Monica, and while searching through my drawers for warmer weather clothes, I found one of my old projects–the Bada Bing tube top.

Really, I Do Knit!
Contrary to the recent jewelry-heavy content of this blog, I have been knitting, and in fact have been rather obsessed with it of late.  Over the last week or so, I designed and knit a cute little cardigan for myself using baby alpaca.  It’s not 100% finished yet, but here is a preview:


So far my only real criticism of it is that it is a bit on the small side, especially in the shoulders.  I only had about 850 yards of yarn and rather than be sensible and buy more of it, I designed the sweater so it used about 800 yards.  Anyway, I’ll blog about it more when I’m completely done with it.

DIY Hermes Kelly Bag
Who said Hermes never gave you anything?

I’m not one of those girls who dreams of having a Kelly bag, or really, any high priced fashion accessory.  Hell, I don’t think I even knew what one was until I was 35.  Still, I dig the concept of styling my own:

Kelly Bag Pattern

This truly is the closest I’ll ever come to owning one, and I’m cool with that.  If I ever actually make one, I will definitely blog it.  In fact, I have a fab idea for this pattern, so stay tuned.

Cable Needle Holder Tutorial
From Jen at PieKnits, here is a nifty little holder for your cable needle:

Cable Needle Ring

I especially like this holder because not only is it a knit accessory, it is also jewelry.

Knit Designer “Interview”
Jen at PieKnits recently held a contest in celebration of the three year anniversary of her blog.  As part of the contest, readers answered questions then asked Jen a question.  Here are some of her answers.  It’s not an interview per se, but still an interesting glimpse into the life of a great knit designer

Loves Me, Loves Me Not Ring
You didn’t think I’d be able to do an entire blog post with no jewelry in it, did you (I’m not counting the Cable Needle Ring)?  Of course not.  That’s why I present to you this ring:

Loves Me Not Ring

I didn’t make it, but I thought it was clever and deserved a mention.

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