Last week I went to my first book signing.  I was in the middle of reading Certain Girls, the new novel by Jennifer Weiner, and consequently visited her website, which announced she was coming to the Barnes & Noble in Santa Monica.  It was fun!  I find Jennifer Weiner inspiring, which is the main reason I wanted to go.  She kind of makes me feel like “if she can do it, I can do it.”  Much like my former dream of being on Oprah, I fantasize about going on my own book tour.  Listening to her talk about her process and experiences with publishing, the movie business, etc. was really interesting for me, especially during this time when I am seriously attempting my own novel.  I will blog about that eventually, but for now I’m keeping mostly quiet about it.  It also explains why I haven’t been around much lately.


Most people get books signed when they go to book signings, hence the name.  In this case (and in most cases from here on out) I had purchased the book on my Kindle.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my Kindle and don’t miss print at all (turning pages is for losers, dude).  But for a book signing, it’s not so convenient.  I jokingly told Mick I should have her sign the back of my Kindle and he said, “why not?”


I have to admit I felt a little silly asking her to do it and found myself saying “I really did buy your book, it’s just on here!”  When I gave it to her she said, “It’s so light!” but I could tell she was not convinced it was the wave of the future (as Mick says, print is dead).  Still, she signed it and I walked away happy to have gone to the signing, and happy to have her signature.


Even though I love reading, there aren’t many authors I’d actually go to a book signing for.  This was fun though, so maybe I’ll keep my eye out for appearances of my other favorite authors.  Afterall, I don’t want Jennifer’s autograph to get lonely.

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  1. Antoinette says: May 9, 2008 at 8:57 am

    What a GREAT idea to have her sign your Kindle. How funny!
    I’m a book signing junkie. I think it’s part of living to Davis. I enjoy nothing better than a shelf full of autographed books (especially autographed to me). There’s something so cool about that. So connected. I think I’m up to about 50 now.
    Tell your man he’s brilliant to think of that. AND I can’t wait to her more about your book. What’s the genre?

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