Goodbye, Mr. Pepys

“And so I betake myself to that course, which is almost as much as to see myself go into my grave: for which, and all the discomforts that will accompany my being blind, the good God prepare me!” – Samuel… Continue Reading

New Story: Corn Nut Caper

Happy Friday, everyone! My new story,┬áCorn Nut Caper, is featured on Shotgun Honey today. Check it out, and while you’re there, be sure to check out some of the other great stories. It’s one of the best places to go… Continue Reading

Doing Some Damage

Steve Weddle invited me to do a guest post on Do Some Damage today. Check it out: The Diary of Diary of Bedlam Thanks to Steve and the rest of the crew at Do Some Damage for letting me vent–er–visit.

Hook Me Up

Forget writing a novel–what about the pitch'? That one perfect sentence designed to describe the plot and provide an emotional hook so that whoever you're telling it to says "I want to read more!" I've struggled with my pitch Diary… Continue Reading

In Honor of National Poetry Month

Did you know April is National Poetry month? I didn't either until a few days ago.  Back in the day, I used to write a lot of poetry. Long before I ever found the courage to write a novel, I… Continue Reading

The Downside of Butt in Chair

Originally posted April 26, 2010. Ack! I wrote this post nearly two years ago and NOTHING has changed except I've gained more weight. My pop is running the Boston Marathon this morning–he would not be amused. The good news is… Continue Reading

Turned Tables

Well, sorta. I'm officially querying again and so far, so good. My only real complaint is that it takes awhile to get responses, and since I'm not generally known for my patience, I've resorted to even more obsessive-compulsive gmail refreshing… Continue Reading

Author Interviews

Book Promotion: Eric Beetner Rebecca Cantrell Interviews: Eric Beetner Rebecca Cantrell Hilary Davidson Sue Ann Jaffarian David Liss Sophie Littlefield Stephen Jay Schwartz Kelli Stanley Path to Publication: Dani Amore Spring Warren Writing: Stephen Jay Schwartz Kelli Stanley Off-site: 50… Continue Reading

Get to Work

Hello fellow slackers! Procrastination is a problem for me, so I asked some of my author friends how they shake off the lazies and get to work: Eric Beetner “When I finally commit to a novel or even something short… Continue Reading

Write the Best Novel You Can

What does it mean to write the best novel you can? I think I might finally have the answer. Over the weekend I attended Left Coast Crime in Sacramento. It was a great conference this year, filled to the brim… Continue Reading