I am honored to announce I will be contributing a story to a charity anthology called FEEDING KATE. It benefits someone whose very dear to me and many others in the crime fiction community, Sabrina Ogden. She suffers from lupus and needs a jaw surgery that her insurance company won’t pay for (those bastards). Laura Benedict, Laura Curtis, Clare Toohey, and Neliza Drew organized an Indiegogo campaign to fund it, and for just $5 you can get an e-copy of the anthology. An $18 contribution will get you the print version, and higher donations will get you a signed copy. All the details are here.

Even though I call this a “charity anthology,” it really doesn’t feel like charity. You know why? Because your contribution will get you a kick ass crime fiction anthology featuring stories from some of the best crime fiction authors writing today:

I know, huh? It’s great to be included in such an awesome list of writers–I am humbled.

If you’re unable to contribute, you can still help by posting about this anthology on your blog, interviewing one of the authors, tweeting about it, posting it on Facebook, etc. We all appreciate any promotional help you can give for this cause.

2 Replies to “Feeding Kate – A Charity Anthology”

  1. sabrina ogden says: July 17, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    I’ll never find the proper words to thank any of you for your kindness. I’m overwhelmed by it all, really. Thank you so much, Holly.

    1. Holly West says: July 17, 2012 at 12:15 pm

      I could easily say the same thing to you, Sabrina. You are so generous in so many ways. How could I not want to give back?

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