I hesitate to post this on April Fool's Day, because really, I ain't fooling! Lately it seems I can't pick up a book that I don't end up loving. I am on a reading roll, I tell ya!

So what books have I recently read that I can't shut up about? Here they are:

1) THE LOCK ARTIST by Steve Hamilton
Michael might be mute, but he is also a genius–at safe-cracking. This novel intertwines his tragic history and his evolution as a lock artist, able to open even the toughest safe. Sure, he can't talk, but Michael is one of the most compelling voices I've read in a long time, and his story is even more compelling.

2) A FIELD OF DARKNESS by Cornelia Read
Talk about compelling voices. I can't get enough of Madeleine Dare, Cornelia Read's protagonist. Her take on life is unique, given her family history. As Madeleine says, "our money is so old it ran out." In this novel, Madeleine learns a chilling family secret and sets out to find the truth.

3) THE CRAZY SCHOOL by Cornelia Read
This is the second Madeleine Dare novel, and it's even better than the first. Madeleine really shines in this story as she takes a job as a teacher in a school for kids with mental illness. Turns out, the whole damned school, administration and all, could use a shrink.

4) THE COLD KISS by John Rector (in progress)
I swear, I cannot read this book fast enough. The setting is familiar, almost has a Bates Motel feel to it. But the characters are as unique and creepy as they come. I am truly loving this book.

If you're looking for something good to read, you can't go wrong with any of these four books.


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