At least that's what author Darrell James said to me on Facebook today. I believe him.

The first of which I speak is sending out my first agent query for DIARY OF BEDLAM. I did that yesterday, and I've sent two more today. I guess I'm gonna keep doing that until one of them falls at my feet and begs to represent me.

Wait, wha…? I'm sorry, I dozed off there for a second. I must've been dreaming. Hope I didn't say anything foolish while I was out.

It feels wonderful to finally send DIARY OF BEDLAM (well, at this point, just a synopsis of it) out into the real world. For so many months, or years, actually, I struggled for it all to come together. Then one weekend *poof*–the novel was finished. Now it's not just finished, it's polished.

And you know what? I AM SO PROUD OF IT.

I know it's rude to use all caps–it's considered shouting. But if I had a taller ladder I'd climb up to my roof top and shout this to the world:


Or something like that.

Since I don't have a taller ladder, I'll probably just sit here hitting the refresh button on my email and checking my spam folder until I get a response from an agent.


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