December 12
Day 12

Christa Faust

MONEY SHOT by Christa Faust is a book I heard a lot about last year. So much, in fact, that I figured I'd better read it, stat, if I wanted to have any credibility in the crime fiction community (it's a tough crowd, you know). It's just one of those novels that seems to be everywhere, at least among the authors and readers I know.

Having now read it, I understand why.


If the gorgeous cover doesn't grab you, then MONEY SHOT'S protagonist will. She's a former adult video star named Gina Moretti, AKA Angel Dare, who now runs Daring Angels, an adult modeling agency. But just because she no longer earns her living in front of the camera doesn't mean she can't be lured out of retirement to shoot a flick when an old friend calls, asking for a favor. Too bad it's a set-up. Angel ends up shot and left for dead in the trunk of a "piece of shit Honda Civic" and now she wants revenge.

Okay, it probably goes without saying that MONEY SHOT isn't for everyone. After all, it's set within the porn industry, and let's just say it doesn't mince words. But if you can get past that (c'mon, live a little) it's a terrific read. In Angel Dare, Christa Faust has created a character who is likable and, as the saying goes, tough as nails. I'm looking foward to reading Angel's next adventure.

If you're buying books as gifts this holiday season, please consider purchasing from your local independent bookshop. The level of customer service you'll receive is unmatched, you'll have the added benefit of making new friends of the staff, and you'll help support a local business.

Books featured in this post can be purchased from the Mystery Bookstore in Los Angeles (orders@mystery-bookstore.com).


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  1. Neliza Drew says: December 12, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    I have to say, you’re right when you say your local bookseller offers unmatched customer service. Not only does my nearest local (new) seller have a cafe, it has a bar, an unrelenting series of events, & they seem to know the right level of service to provide (which for me, is smile & nod then leave me the hell alone unless I ask or want to pay). It’s worth the 30-40 minute drive.
    As for that, they don’t carry the best selection of mystery/crime fiction (they focus on the literary and Latin American set and, given their location, that’s perfect), so I tend to order ahead of time. Gives me an excuse to drive to Coral Gables and soak up the other-country atmosphere for an afternoon.
    I’ll put this on my order list.

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