Link-o-rama Today is a day of reflection as we look back upon the terrible events of 9/11, eight years ago.

Reading Underground - The subway remains an "unconnected" place. And so, New Yorkers read. via @mitaliperkins

Pug in my Computer – Something happy to remind you how nice life can be (via @ParkerXL)

The Elusive Fifty Percent - In marketing, about 50% of your ad campaign will work. But for an author marketing their own work (now an essential part of the publishing process) how do they know what to concentrate on? (via @jamesscottbell)

Writing with a Knife - A timely post from Copyblogger since I'm currently taking a machete to my manuscript (via @D_E and @thecreativepenn)

North Carolina Writer's Police Academy - One of these days I'll have to go to a writer's police academy. For now it seems unnecessary since my book(s) are set in 1678.

I found this amusing video on Persia Walker's blog. It was made by Brad Meltzer (author of loads of books):

Finally, I'll leave you with this quote from Anne Frank:

"Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart."

Have a reflective day and take the time to do something thoughtful for another or even yourself. Kindness is sometimes in short supply.

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