Young House Love

Sigh.  I think I'm in love.

Last night my friend Heather told me about a blog called "Young House Love" and this morning I checked it out.  It is chock full of great decorating ideas, before/after pics, advice, and pretty much everything else pertaining to home decorating and renovation.  And I love the fact that this couple created a simple blog to record the progress of their own renovation and ended up turning it into a career (read the FAQs for details).  That makes me happy.

But the best part of all is the How-To section.

After reading How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets, I am almost convinced I can do it, and it's a project I really want to tackle in our Oregon house this summer.


These cabinets will be white, I tell you!  White!

Not all projects are strictly DIY, such as Floor Refinishing 101, but since this is something we have to do in the Santa Monica house, I enjoyed reading and seeing their process and results.  It just makes the whole thing not seem like such a big deal, and the end result is so worth it!

Other ideas I loved:

Curtain Call (How to make your windows look huge)
We Got Carded (How to faux-tile a tray)
Watching Paint Dry (How to keep things cohesive with paint)

And oh!  There is so much more.  I guess here's where my productivity goes out the window as I spend the next three hours perusing Young House Love!


Holly West


  1. Yay! I’m so glad you checked it out – it’s sooooo inspiring and just plain fabulous. It’s so practical and everything they do seems so natural. They’re style is great. And I CAN’T WAIT to make our kitchen look like theirs! Did you notice the layout is practically identical!?!*squeals*

  2. They make it seem like anybody can decorate their house in a style they like and on a budget. Totally great blog.
    And yes, their kitchen was fab. Even just painting the cabinets (as they did initially) made a great difference. Your kitchen will be wonderful!

  3. I loved the blog – especially how they did their wedding – it was gorgeous, casual, and very personal. I say definitely paint the cabinets white, and maybe put in a farmhouse sink…

  4. After the painting of the kitchen cabinets, there will be no further renovation of the Oregon house–we’ve sunk too much money into it already! So no farmhouse sink, but I do love them.

  5. Thanks for the shout out, Holly! Glad you’re enjoying things over at TYH. Definitely let us know if you end up painting those cabinets (you know we love a good before and after). I agree with the other commenters that a coat of white will look great on those cabinets.
    Also, love your appliances. I’m crazy jealous of your fridge.

  6. Picture were great and after wards I found a dishwasher that looks just like the one shown…it was the exact look my kitchen needed to finish the new look I was going after.
    Thanx sooo much

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