There’s something about traveling that turns my normally relaxed husband into a little old lady. His need to plan out every detail, complete with hand-drawn maps, is endearing, yet also annoying. He’s so fixated on getting things right that he gets little things–like what direction our hotel is in–wrong, then corrects me when I go the right way.

We’re in Lima, staying at the Marriott in Miraflores. It overlooks the ocean, and we’ve a lovely view of a park and the water beyond. Hang gliding is popular here and we saw quite a bit of it yesterday afternoon.


A walk in the park across from our hotel revealed that it seemed a popular place for young couples to go and make out. Perhaps it’s a welcome refuge from chaperoning eyes at home?

It wasn’t long before we partook of our first Pisco Sours. I’ve had two more since and so far, the one at the hotel bar wins.


Our first ceviche came from a restaurant called Amaz, which was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. While I was a bit disappointed in the rest of the meal, the ceviche was divine. I don’t generally like it in America (raw onions, don’t you know) but I was determined not to let that stop me. So we ordered a ceviche comprised of wild snails and mussels and we both loved it. Despite my dislike of onions, I do like to eat adventurously.

And so, I’ll leave you with this:


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