December 4
Day 4

Sue Ann Jaffarian

I first met Sue Ann Jaffarian on Twitter. Our second meeting was at another author's book signing. The third was at her own book signing for CORPSE ON THE COB, the fifth book in her popular Odelia Grey mystery series.

Odelia is a plus-sized paralegal living in Los Angeles and happens to have a flair for finding mysterious situations (not to mention dead bodies). When I heard the premise of CORPSE ON THE COB, I was intrigued, and despite not having read the first four books in the series, I plunged right in. Odelia goes to Massachusetts to confront her mother, absent from her life for 34 years, and happens to find her bent over a dead body in the middle of a corn maze.


CORPSE ON THE COB was such a fun read I scrambled to get the first in the series, TOO BIG TO MISS. It's high on next year's to-be-read bookshelf.

As it happens, Odelia Grey is not the only series Sue Ann writes. She also pens the GHOST OF GRANNY APPLES mysteries and the FANG IN CHEEK vampire novels. The first in the series, MURDER IN VEIN, is another novel I had the good fortune to enjoy this year, and if vampires are your thing, definitely put it on your list.

Sue Ann was kind enough to answer some questions to celebrate 25 Days of Books:

1) You are currently writing three series. C'mon, be honest: which one is the most fun to write? (No fair saying you love all your children equally).

Right now, I'd have to say the vampire mysteries are the most fun to write. They are so removed from reality and are darker and sexier than my other series, and it's great to exercise those writing muscles.

2) What trait(s) do you share with Odelia? What about your newest heroine, Madison Rose?

I share a lot of traits with Odelia. First of all we're both middle-aged, plus size paralegals. We're both loyal, determined, pig headed and given to sarcasm. In writing Madison Rose, I trot out my insecurities such as lack of trust and skepticism. She's also had a very rough life and while mine was nothing like hers (thankfully!) it sometimes allows me to tap into my deep inner feelings to round her out.

3) When does the next Odelia Grey book come out?

Twice As Dead will be out June 2011!

4) What is your perfect meal, beverage included?

Wow, that's a tough one since it depends on my mood at the moment. But overall, I have to say, a nice heavy beer, ceasar salad, and a fabulous pepperoni and mushroom pizza with extra cheese and a thin-ish crust and all the calories magically sucked out.

5) How will you be spending the holidays this year?

Quietly, as I usually do, with a nice meal and good music. And with my fingers pounding out the 3rd Granny Apples book.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with me, Sue Ann!

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2 Replies to “Day Four – Sue Ann Jaffarian”

  1. Antoinette says: December 6, 2010 at 10:12 am

    I don’t remember giving her permission to use my likeness on the cover. Hahah. I’m sold. Need to add it to my “wish list” for sure!

  2. Sue Ann Jaffarian says: December 4, 2010 at 8:04 am

    Thank you, Holly, for featuring me and my books on your blog! Much appreciated!
    A note to book buyers: if you’re looking for signed copies of my books, do contact Mystery Bookstore. I live quite close to them and can personalize any book you purchase. They also still have in stock copies of the limited hardcover edition of Murder In Vein.

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