Yesterday I took a day off from writing and created a mood board for my living room. But before I show you that, here is how the living room currently looks:




My main complaints with the room are that it's too dark, despite all the windows. I love the chocolate brown walls, but I'm ready for a change. Several of the drapes are in tatters due to sun exposure, so they need to be replaced. The floors are scratched up terribly from the pitter-patter of tiny paws, and the fireplace needs a complete makeover. Finally, the room is a little too busy. I'm looking to be more clutter free in the future.

Here is the mood board I created:


Click on the pic to see a larger version.

As you can see, it utilizes most of the stuff we already have, which is important. The main changes are the darker floors, wall color, and the drapes.

But what about those drapes? You'll notice I kept them on the mood board. That's because the drapes behind the sofa are in great shape–I'd really like to keep them if I can find a way to do that and integrate them with the new drapes.

Here's the problem: Those drapes are silk and they were really expensive. Had I known the sun was going to destroy them in less than 10 years, I would have never invested so much money in them. I won't make that mistake again. Unfortunately, due to the height of the windows, whatever I get needs to be custom.

My idea, or perhaps I should say dream, since it's ambitious, is to make the new drapes myself. I'd like to use the tops of the current drapes and then sew sheers to the bottom, kind of like this:


I'd leave the drapes behind the sofa completely intact, so there would be two types of drapes.

I'm still thinking about this, however, because like I said, it's a big project and probably outside of my sewing skills. Even if I make a mistake, however, the current drapes are so torn I won't feel like I wasted them. I just really want to keep my budget on this "makeover" down as much as possible by reusing/recycling what we've already got.

Another thing I'd love to do is cover the fireplace from floor to ceiling with stone tile. I priced it out, however, and it's a little pricey for us at the moment, so I think the first thing we'll do is paint it a light but contrasting color to the walls (which will be white or off-white) and then install the tile when it's more financially sound. I do love the look of that stone though, and it would be so dramatic.

I'll be doing a mood board of the dining area soon since we have an open floor plan and everything needs to be integrated. If only the actual decorating was as cheap (and easy) as the creating a mood board!

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  1. Holly says: May 28, 2010 at 8:28 am

    You know, I probably should check out the faux stone options, just to see if something like that would work.
    I agree, the mood board doesn’t look too different from the original since all the furniture will remain. The real transformation will be in the painting and replacement of those drapes, which is hard to show on a mood board. And of course the darker stained floors–those will transform the look.

  2. Antoinette says: May 27, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    Have you thought about using cement (aka: faux stone) for the fireplace? I’ve seen some really beautiful samples when I was searching for slate. I like the idea of painting it for now and investing later.
    The big metal ring curtains are what I have now, and I love them. I think you’re smart to try and re-use what you have. You should invite your mom down to stay with you and give you a hand. You know what a GREAT sewer she is and I bet she’d love the project.
    I like the new concept, but can’t see much of a change from what you already have. I’m sure it’ll look totally different when done though. I like the idea of a soft green for the walls. I think it would offset all the beige and brown nicely.
    HAPPY DECORATING! Keep us posted!

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