On Saturday afternoon I went to a book launch at the Mystery Bookstore for Sue Ann Jaffarian's latest book in the Odelia Grey series, Corpse on the Cob. Before I left, I recorded my thoughts about book signings and why I love to go to them:

During the signing Sue Ann mentioned that one of her readers sent her cats a Christmas gift. This is my new goal: have enough faithful readers so that one of them sends Stella and Stuart gifts.

The week before, I went to a book signing for Kelli Stanley's book City of Dragons. I'd been introduced to Kelli's work at Bouchercon 2009 when she did a panel with David Liss on historical mysteries. Since then, I've been looking forward to reading it and now, halfway through, I find it was worth the wait.

Here's a video of Kelli reading from City of Dragons at her signing at the Mystery Bookstore:

One thing I forgot to mention on my video is that I feel it's important to support female crime writers as much as I can. It's a male-dominated genre but there are females out there writing stuff as dark and hard-boiled as any male, and more importantly, just as great. I hope to join 'em someday!

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