Monday_goal Wow, a month flies by when you've got goals to accomplish. I'm not sure if that's a good thing!

Since I am having so much trouble editing my novel, part of this week will be spent getting back to basics. I have so many books on "how to write," "how to re-write," and "how to" almost everything else that has to do with writing. It's been a long time since I've spent any time reading any of them, however. Having some solid advice on how to proceed might be helpful.

So where am I? As I write this (Saturday, September 12) I'm struggling with chapters four and five. I was hoping to be finished with chapter 7 by tomorrow, but it's unlikely that will happen unless I make some serious changes to the way I'm editing. Right now I'm still treating this first re-write as though it were the final re-write and I'm beginning to find that's a mistake. I think it's the main reason for all this "block" I've been experiencing.

I've also started a new kniting WIP in an attempt to find some balance in my "recreational" life. The new issue of Knitty came out yesterday and there were a few projects I was interested in, but based on the yarn I had I decided on this one. I love its shaping, especially the sleeves. It's likely to take me until Fall '10 to finish it, but it's nice to have something on the needles after so much time.

So all of this said, my write goals for this week areA) to continue editing B) to re-vamp my method, which clearly isn't working, and C) to find some balance by knitting, writing blog posts, and possibly working on another writing WIP in between.

Lofty goals, but I'll do my best!

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