I decided that posting about my progress at the end of the week (Fridays) and weekend (Mondays) might be a good way to keep me honest.  So here you go, my first weekend writing report:

Words written:  765

Well below my goal of 1000 words per day, but we did go on an overnight trip this weekend so I absolve myself.

The good news is that these 735 words were written as part of a new scene and were not added to previously written scenes.  It always feels good to move the story forward.

As of last weekend, my word count was around 24k.  However, this doesn't count some of the subplot I put to the side while I work on the main plot.  Ultimately I know wordcount is important but for now I've got to get the main story worked out.  Honestly, I haven't even figured out who the killer is.  I'll worry about word count later.

Best line written this weekend:

“My dear,” Charles said, taking my chin in his fingers and lifting my face so that my eyes met his.  “Don’t tell me you’ve become just another meddling woman.”

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See you on Friday with my weekday wrap-up.  Think I can make the 5000 word goal?

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