As a kid, there were three great things about Easter.  First, Lent was over, and that meant it was time to PAR-TAY.  Second, it meant a basket full of Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs, which to this day I cannot resist.  And third, it meant pretty sugared eggs with miniature panoramas inside.

Which brings me to today's selection:  Sugarless Panoramic Eggs and Egg Box by Anita M. Wheeles, via Whipup.


Visit PopKnits to see the complete tutorial for how to make these precious eggs.  When I saw them, it filled me with such nostagia I got a little weepy (well, there's been wine involved, and you know how that goes).  But I suddenly realized why I am so enthralled by these tiny little woodland scenes–I have alwasy loved dollhouses, miniatures, and panoramas, and these fit the bill wonderfully.

Plus, they have no calories.

I'm not a felter, but since I joined Etsy I have a new appreciation for this art, especially miniature felted animals.  For example, KaysK9s has such a cute shop I almost can't contain myself.

Need I say more?

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