Now and then I am lulled into the false reality that as a group, humans have acheived some degree of enlightenment.  Then I remember that we are still actively and legally descriminating against each other and I am brought crashing back to earth.  In this case, I'm talking about marriage descrimination, specifically, marriage descrimination for same-sex couples.

Actually, in the state of California, we officially stopped the descrimination on June 17, 2008.  Unfortunately, Prop 8, which seeks to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry, will be on the ballot in November.  Eliminating the rights of adults who want to participate in marriage, a legal institution which provides financial, social, and emotional benefits not available through domestic partnerships (which were legalized in 1999), is not only wrong, but morally reprehensible.  Same-sex couples already have the right to marry legally in California, and Prop 8 seeks to eliminate that right. 

Here's the deal.  In 2000, California voters approved Proposition 22, which stated that "only marriage between a man and a woman is considered valid and recognized in California."  Despite this, in 2004, San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom mandated the issuing of marriage licenses to same-sex couples in San Francisco, which resulted in almost 4000 marriages.   These marriages were later annulled by the California Supreme Court, and the city of San Francisco began a legal challenge on behalf of these couples which led to the May 2008 California Supreme Court ruling that limiting marriage of same-sex couples was unconstitutional.  The court refused to stay its order, and as of June 17, 2008, same-sex couples have the legal right to marry in California.

Between June 17 and September 2008, over 11,000 same-sex couples have legally married in California, and by November, there will be many more.  These marriages are recognized and valid, and they are no different from marriages between opposite-sex couples.  Furthermore, if Prop 8 passes, these marriages will almost certainly remain valid, as constitutional scholars agree that the amendment proposed in Prop 8 will not be retroactive.  That means that even if Prop 8 passes, thousands of same-sex couples who are already legally married in California will remain legally married.  Which is as it should be.

As the election approaches, I will be writing more about this issue, as I am very passionate about it.  Let there be no mistake:  Prop 8 does not protect marriage.  It eliminates the fundamental rights of human beings.

2 Replies to “Don’t Eliminate the Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry – Vote NO on Prop 8”

  1. Antoinette says: October 14, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    I’ve had a sign on my lawn for weeks. Thank goodness I live in Davis and no one has burned my house down.

  2. Heather says: October 13, 2008 at 7:39 pm

    But Holly…surely you have forgotten that being homosexual is a choice that one makes. And we cannot condone such a vile, wicked choice now, can we? And *gasp* to let such sinners call their “supposed” union a MARRIAGE???? That is an abomination in and of itself. To make a mockery of what TRUE marriage is!
    With a tear of joy in my eye, and a swelling of fundamentalist pride, I saw a shining banner on the street near my house – YES on 8. The little cookie-cutter people holding hands…I could almost hear a chorus of angels singing in the heavens. Then another banner, this one in front of Black Angus…then another by Lowe’s…then, like hitting the cockroach motherload at 2am behind a rusty old fridge, there it was…THE SOURCE.
    (Satire over)
    There they were, banner after banner, COVERING the Stepford-manicured lawns – the Yes on 8 banners had come from the bible-thumping born-again “church” up in Porter Ranch. They had placed them all over their property and had proceeded, one can only assume under the cloak of night, to place them down Corbin Ave. here and there for about a 3 mile stretch. With each one, I could feel my jaw clenching tighter and tighter. The hypocrisy, the closed-mindedness, the inhumanity. It was sickening.
    I would not be surprised at all to find that Jesus himself, glass of wine in hand, arm around Mary Magdalene, had set a few wildfires today.
    God speaks in mysterious ways. *wink, wink*

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