It’s always a happy day when a new issue of Knitty comes out.  As always, there are at least a few designs I feel compelled to knit (which doesn’t mean I get around to it).  Here are some of the highlights from the new issue:

Hands down, my favorite design is Jaden.  It has a lovely shape and some really nice details.  I am tempted to put down everything and knit this immediately, even though I am deep in the middle of Christmas gift knitting (I started in January this year!  Unfortunately, all unbloggable)  and an original project I’m designing for myself (which I will blog eventually).

My next favorite design is Mosey.  I’ve been wanting to knit a pair of leg warmers for awhile and I love this pair.  The weather in Southern California is warming up quickly though and I fear it might be too late to get much wear out of these now, but they would be fantastic for Fall.

Nob Hill  is another favorite design from this issue.  My only concern about it is that my figure tends toward boxiness and this shrug might exacerbate that look.  It looks like a quick knit though and it if it doesn’t work for me I could probably find someone to give it to who doesn’t suffer from rectangle syndrome.

Next on the list is Honeycomb because it looks like a good challenge and I’ve been looking for a flattering vest pattern for awhile.  This one might fit the bill.

Sigh.  I love knitting.

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  1. Helen says: March 15, 2008 at 9:32 am

    I always look forward to Knitty. I love those leg warmers too! I was thinking of getting started on them today.

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