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Official Website of Holly West | Crime Fiction Writer

Hello there. Welcome to the insane asylum. My name is Holly West and I write crime fiction. I recently completed my debut novel, Diary of Bedlam, for which I’m currently seeking representation. I also write short crime fiction, which you… Continue Reading

About Holly West

I am a writer seeking representation for my novel, DIARY OF BEDLAM, complete at 80,000 words. Synopsis: “Lady Isabel Wilde, a former English spy and occasional favorite in the royal bedchamber, has a secret: she makes her living disguised as… Continue Reading

Fun on the CPM Machine

As part of my rehab, I’ve been prescribed a CPM (continuous passive motion) machine. I have to use it at least 3 hours a day, usually for an hour at a time. I alternate that with an hour spent in… Continue Reading

Quick Fireplace Makeover

Mick and I spent a couple of hours painting our fireplace over the Memorial Day weekend and gave it a whole new look. Here's how it looked before:   The floating shelf cut the fireplace in the middle and just… Continue Reading

Dealing with Setbacks

About four weeks ago I tore my ACL in a skiing accident. I suppose the term "accident" is a bit melodramatic; the truth is I fell down. I was skiing down a blue/black run, challenging, but certainly not beyond my… Continue Reading

A Moment of Sadness

Pardon me while I take a moment: Inspired by the recent Madonna episode of Glee I was listening to some old Madonna songs and came upon this one. It brought on an uncontrollable jag of tears. Not for the obvious… Continue Reading

Christmas Menu

Despite the fact I re-joined Weight Watchers yesterday, the holiday season pretty much means one thing to me: Food. Delicious, special, eat-until-you-burst, food. So I thought I'd share some of the things I'm planning to make for Christmas dinner and… Continue Reading