Two Bits of Advice

1. Read your work aloud

2. Write flash fiction (generally stories 1000 words or less).

Holly West


  1. Holly, it’s great that you’ve shared these insights — and Stella, too!
    The only question I have is: what exactly is “flash fiction”? How does it differ from short stories? How do you go about getting it published or read?

  2. I love Stella! I agree with reading your work out loud. I do this all the time before posting my blogs. I catch words that I’mo overusing and notice verbs changes that shouldn’t happen. Wonderful advice.
    I also think writing flash fiction is important. This helps you learn how to share insight in fewer words. I have a tendency to ramble, and when Matt edited my story for Pure Slush he chopped and chopped and chopped away at it… then asked me questions and made me rewrite sections using less words and more details.
    I’m not much of a flash fiction writer like some of my awesome friends (including YOU) on twitter, but I do play around with it on my own. Every little bit helps.
    P.S. You’re pretty.

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