In the Mood

Yesterday I took a day off from writing and created a mood board for my living room. But before I show you that, here is how the living room currently looks: My main complaints with the room are that it's… Continue Reading

Writing a Bad Romance

Back in the day (circa 2000), I knew I wanted to write a novel set in 17th century England and the court of King Charles II. I’d quit my day job in early 1999 with the intent to design websites,… Continue Reading

Thrift Shop of My Dreams

Yesterday I went to one of my favorite places. It's a huge thrift store, located on Main Street. The variety of merchandise, including new and vintage clothing and accessories, home decor items, yarn, books, and more, is not to be… Continue Reading


Lately I've fallen back into a bad habit. I've been reading the comments posted on news stories–and not just any news stories, the controversial ones. I read the comments on reports I know are going to bring out the crazies… Continue Reading

Light Me up

We need a new dining room chandelier. The one we currently have is a somewhat ugly, generic, Home Depot model. Three of the bulb holders are permanently broken. Trouble is, Mick and I have a no-buy agreement for May. That… Continue Reading

Progress Report

After my "woe is me" post yesterday, many of you said "Well, at least you can still write!" Indeed, I can, and indeed I am. I've finally found an editing/revision method that's working for me and in the last couple… Continue Reading

Dealing with Setbacks

About four weeks ago I tore my ACL in a skiing accident. I suppose the term "accident" is a bit melodramatic; the truth is I fell down. I was skiing down a blue/black run, challenging, but certainly not beyond my… Continue Reading