News Flash: Pre-Order the Kindle 2 Today

The new and improved Amazon Kindle 2 comes out today.  Correction:  You can pre-order one starting today for shipment on February 24.

I got my Kindle about a year ago and it is my favorite electronic gadget of all time.  That includes my iPod, my iPhone, my Garmin, and pretty much anything else I can think of.

If you're a reader and you have the price, I'd highly recommend getting one of these babies.

Holly West


  1. I remember Mick’s review when the first one came out. I wonder if they took his (and other people’s) suggestion and solved the issues with this next gen?

  2. Can you transfer books from kindle to kindle? Can you and Mick “share” the same book? I am so interested in one (especially since it is about the price of a bookcase), but I’m hoping for a color version at some point. I would love to have all my magazines on a kindle.

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