December 7
Day 7

Daniel Woodrell

When Bobby McCue at the Mystery Bookstore recommended WINTER'S BONE to me, I knew immediately I wanted to read it. I've been interested in Ozarks' life since I was a teenager and I read Lois Duncan's SUMMER OF FEAR. Both he and Linda raved about it, so it's been high on my "to be read" list since then.

It turned out their praise was warranted; WINTER'S BONE stands out as one of the best books I've read this year. It's a story so harsh it's nearly unbelievable. It's brutal. However, amid the unflinching culture of a family of meth cooks and drug addicts, there is ultimately a glimmer of hope.


It's not your typical crime novel.

The story follows Ree Dolly as she searches for her father, a man known for cooking up a fine batch of meth. He's on the run from the law and if he misses his date in court, Ree's family will lose their house. It's the only thing standing between them and utter despair. It's a beautifully written book.

If you're buying books as gifts this holiday season, please consider purchasing from your local independent bookshop. The level of customer service you'll receive is unmatched, you'll have the added benefit of making new friends of the staff, and you'll help support a local business.

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