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Often, starting is the hardest part of taking on a new project, but starting my substack wasn’t difficult for me. One month in, I’m enjoying myself and stretching my writing wings in ways I didn’t expect. It hasn’t interfered with my fiction writing, for which I’m grateful. Though Twists & Turns is currently a free publication and my mailing list is small, sticking to my Tuesday/Friday schedule is important to me. I believe it was Glennon Doyle who said, “Serve the audience you have.” I’m working hard to do that.

What is difficult is deciding when to turn on paid subscriptions. Like many writers, I’m chronically underconfident, and it’s hard (for me, anyway) to determine the value of my creative work. Consequently, I’ve consistently undervalued it. But eventually (maybe soon), I’ll open it up to paid subscribers.

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