I don’t quite aspire to be an interior designer, but I do love decorating my home and looking at pictures of other beautifully decorated houses. My only real use for Pinterest is to pin pictures of lovely rooms, cool furniture, fun DIY projects, with a sprinkling of yummy recipes here and there. I also follow a lot of home design and lifestyle blogs. If that doesn’t qualify me to write this post, well, that’s too bad, I’m writing this post anyway.

So with that said, I bring to you a collection of home design trends I’m ready to see go.


Subway Signs

Today I saw a photo of a lovely tufted leather wingback chair with a subway sign motif covering the sides of it. The chair wasn’t particularly unattractive, but adorning a classic (and probably expensive) item with such a trendy design seemed an unwise use of funds. Or to put it another way, the chair itself was timeless, the subway sign trend isn’t (oh, please say it isn’t).

Cow Hide Rugs

I’ll admit it: I liked this trend for a minute. They look kind of cool layered over natural-fiber woven rugs. But I could never justify having a big ol’ cow skin in my house. Yes, I eat meat, and yes, I realize that’s hypocritical. The one in this picture happens to be faux cow skin, and I wonder how realistic it is in person. Not that it matters–I’m done with this trend.


Ombre Painted Furniture

I’m not sure why, but I was done with this trend before it started. I’ve just never been a fan of it.

Ghost Chairs

This is another trend that I was tempted to adopt until my husband nixed the idea. Function over form is his motto (I like to strive for a balance) and he’s convinced these chairs are too uncomfortable to consider.


There now, that wasn’t so bad, was it? One of these days I’ll write a post about design trends I’ll never be tired of.

In the mean time, what are some of the home decor trends you’re done with?

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