I'm excited to announce I'll be moderating a panel at the upcoming Bouchercon in St. Louis. It's called "Sharp Compassion: Finding the Humanity in Crime." It's at 8:30am on Saturday, September 17th.

Did I say excited? I meant super-crazy excited. And a tiny bit skeered.

Did I say skeered? I meant super-crazy-out-of-my-head skeered.

Thankfully, I've got a great group of panelists to ease the fear:

Rachel Brady, author of the Emily Locke mystery series

Laura Caldwell, author of numerous thrillers (and whose bio is too impressive to condense in this post, so you'd better just go read it)

Julie Compton, author of Rescuing Olivia and Tell No Lies

Janice Hamrick, author of Death on Tour

Marcia Talley, author of the Hannah Ives mystery series 

It should be an interesting and thought-provoking discussion. Certainly worth getting up early on Saturday morning after a rip-roaring night at the hotel bar.

You can find a list of all the great Bouchercon 2011 panels right here.

See you in St. Louis!


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