Yesterday, whilst revising the end of DIARY OF BEDLAM, I realized I’m not profiscient in writing fight scenes. Actually, it wasn’t the first time I realized it. When Mick read an early draft of the mansuscript one of his first comments was how bad one of my fight scenes was. That one has since been re-written and now it works, but there is still polishing to do on the final scene.

What is it about writing a fight scene that’s difficult? I can’t get the choreography straight in my mind. I’m not able to visualize them the way I visualize other types of scenes. Maria Alexander, my friend and also a writer, advised me A) to learn to fight and B) watch a lot of fight scenes to get a feel for it.

So that’s what I’m doing this morning. Watching and studying fight scenes. And although I probably won’t use the moves seen here in my own scenes, here are a few of my favorites:





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