So yeah. You may have heard I finished DIARY OF BEDLAM. After giving it a good read-through, I can confirm that I love it. It is everything I wanted it to be.

Sure, it still needs some polishing. I have my own notes, and now I'm waiting on feedback from my beta readers to see what they think. But the key word here is "waiting." I don't want to touch the manuscript again until I get their comments. When I do, I will re-emerse myself in it so I can start shopping that puppy ASAP.

But waiting means I have a little time on my hands to plot my next novel. Initially I thought I'd jump right into the sequel to DIARY OF BEDLAM. But I also want to write a stand alone and a short story. Sure, a more disciplined person could do both, but in case you haven't been reading this blog over the years, I AM NOT THAT PERSON. I'm a one-project-at-a-time girl.

There's a novel I've wanted to write for at least ten years which takes place in contemporary Santa Monica. After spending so much time in 17th century London, I kind of think it might be time to put that old adage "write what you know" into practice. Then again, it has a male protagonist. What do I know about being a dude? Still, it explores a theme I'm interested in: what happens when you accidentally kill another human being? What does that feel like? How do you live with yourself?

But truth be told, I'm reluctant to leave Isabel Wilde (DOB's protagonist) and her world for any length of time. I'd really like to get a jump on the sequel by the time I'm looking for an agent.

Not that I'm complaining. Life is damned good right now, and it's nice to have choices.

(Okay, so after thinking about it, I'm 99% sure I'm going to start on the sequel to DOB. Stay tuned).


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  1. Eric Beetner says: February 11, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    I’ll say this with my limited experience – publishing houses like to know if something is a potential series or not so even if you don’t actually write the next Bedlam novel I’d say have an idea for at least one if not two books in the series. I sent in just a few paragraphs on each of two proposed sequels to the book my agent is shopping now. It helps publishers see the potential.
    Good luck with whatever you choose next though.

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