I never know whether to say I'm in the process of editing, revising, or re-writing my novel. Just not sure which word is appropriate for what I'm doing at the moment. But whatever the right word is, I am deep in the heart of it and it is a slow, slow undertaking.

Turns out I'm a first draft kind of girl. Revising a novel just isn't as much fun. Unfortunately, it's a vital part of the job if I want to get published (and believe me, I want to get published), so I keep plucking away, word by word, sentence by sentence.

I've turned my desk around so it faces the window, affording me a lovely view of the Pacific Ocean. This may have been a mistake; I am constantly looking up to see the waves crash or a sudden white splash further in. I think "Ooooh, is that a dolphin?" Usually, it's not. But whatever it is, it's just enough to distract me from what I should be doing, so the desk might have to face the wall again.

The greatest thing about editing/revising/re-writing a novel is that my book is actually starting to take a pretty wonderful shape. Every day I can see it turning into something I'd actually like to buy, then read. Hopefully, by the time it's done, other people will too. Lots of them, 'cause mama needs a new pair of shoes.

I'm hoping for a finished novel by the end of January, but with the holidays next week, I'm not sure if I'll make this deadline. Self-imposed deadlines are the worst–it's so very easy to talk yourself out of them. If you happen to see me wasting time on Twitter or Facebook, do me a favor and remind me I've got writing to do, m'kay?

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