Link-o-rama In an effort to keep a more organized blog schedule, I've decided to give each day of the week a different subject. Friday is, you guessed it: Link Day!

To start us off, I'd like to revisit a post about Twitter I wrote awhile back:

Why I Tweet (and You Should Too) - I've been active on Twitter for about 8 months now and I've found it a valuable information resource and networking tool. Say what you'd like, I wouldn't have any of the writing contacts I have now without it. Choose who you follow carefully and you will find a great group of people who share your interests.

If You Give a Girl a Pen - This group of female writers are at different points in their writing careers and all give great insight, tips, links, etc.

Make the Most Out of a Writer's Conference - The name of this link speaks for itself, and as someone who will be going to a few writer's conferences this year, I found the information helpful. (via @WritersDigest

Grammar Girl: How Many Spaces After a Period? - This has been hotly debated by me and a couple of my friends. I learned to type on a manual typewriter many moons ago and of course back then the rule was to use 2 spaces.  Has that changed?

Eye on Books with Bill Thompson
Interview with Joseph Finder, author of Vanished, the book I'm currently reading (and loving)

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