As many of you know I've been a volunteer for PAWS/LA since 2001.  Since that time, the staff and volunteers of PAWS/LA have worked hard to grow the organization and I am so proud of it.

LogoPAWS/LA clients, which includes people with life-threatening illnesses, seniors, and other disenfranchised pet owners, have numerous challenges in their lives.  PAWS/LA helps ensure that losing their beloved pet(s) isn't one of them.

I am passionate about PAWS/LA's mission for a couple of reasons.  First, anyone who has ever owned a pet knows what a great source of love and support they are and how much they enhance the quality of life.  Keeping pets with their owners at their "hour of need" is tremendously important in aiding their recovery.  Second, many animals end up in shelters when their owners are no longer able to care for them because of illness or financial hardship.  PAWS/LA is dedicated to keeping these animals with their owners and out of shelters.

All of this to say that PAWS/LA asked me to help them set up a presence on Facebook, which I have gladly done.

PAWS/LA Cause Page – You can donate to PAWS/LA via the donation link on this page as well as actively participate in promoting PAWS/LA by asking friends to join the cause, posting a box to your profile, and donating your status to the cause.

PAWS/LA Group Page and PAWS/LA Fan Page – Joining either of these pages helps promote PAWS/LA to your friends and keeps you updated on special events, volunteer opportunities, and news about PAWS/LA.

If like me, you believe in PAWS/LA's mission and are a member of Facebook, please consider joining any of these pages, volunteering, or making a donation.

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