When I posted about these earrings on Friday, my intention was to feature the earrings pictured below on Monday (today), since the techniques I used to make them were similar:


These earrings sold on Friday, so I won’t put a link to them in my Etsy store.  I still wanted to include them in my blog, however, because I plan on making more in similar styles, and what the heck, they are very pretty!

I explained how I made the hoops in Friday’s post.  These earrings have an additional element:  lovely peridot briolettes.  I soldered a small jump ring to the bottom of each hoop and wire-wrapped the peridot beads to hang off the ring.  The result is simple, but the earrings are eye-catching nonetheless.

A note about this particular sale:  I try to update my MySpace and Facebook pages regularly with photos of my jewelry and links to my Etsy store.  Most of the time it doesn’t lead directly to sales and I kind of look at it as a fun little diversion and a chance to keep up with friends and acquaintances.  However, in this case, it did.  The buyer (my lovely neighbor) saw the photos of the earrings on my Facebook page and ended up buying them.  I’ve gotten a few other sales over the last six months in this manner as well.  I wouldn’t say that these methods of promotion are in and of themselves worth the time, but it’s all part of a larger “marketing strategy,” and hopefully, all the things I do in this regard add up to more sales.  As I also posted on Friday, I’m working on being more consistent with this.

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  1. Candace says: February 28, 2008 at 5:53 am

    Lovely earrings! I can see why they sold so fast. I also enjoyed the tutorial from last week. I look forward to seeing more. It’s something I should try to post myself, but I get way to lazy I guess to ever do it…one day, one day! LOL!

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