This year for Christmas, my family decided to give handmade gifts to each other.  It was my sister-in-law’s idea, and everyone embraced it.  Everyone except me, however.  I need to qualify that by saying that my intent was to purchase all or most of my gifts on Etsy because I knew I wasn’t going to have enough time to make gifts for everyone (and Etsy is a handmade marketplace, so I figured handmade is handmade, right)?  And I did buy most of my gifts from Etsy.  Just not the ones I gave my family.

I got some really cool stuff from my family though, and I totally regretted not thinking harder about what I could make.  For some reason I got stuck in one of two places–jewelry (um, I think my family has enough jewelry made by me by now) and knitting.  I had these grand visions of knitting the bestest gifts ever, but you know how that goes.  It takes time to knit.  It never occurred to me to make something else.  The possibilities are endless!

That’s why this year I’m off and running.  I’ve already started making my Christmas gifts and I’m gonna do my best to make every single one.  Several members of my family admitted they’d already started their projects as well.  Should be interesting (and fun) to see what people come up with!

2 Replies to “And They’re Off”

  1. Antoinette says: January 18, 2008 at 1:57 pm

    Yay! A new blog post. My days are dark without them.
    And no… you can NEVER have to much jewelry. Especially your jewerly.
    The tea was a great gift, so don’t be so hard on yourself. It was SO great to do the handmade holiday with everyone. We were really happy that everyone enjoyed it. I’m really excited to see what we all come up with for next year. With a family like this, I know it will be wonderful.
    My family said they would make gifts, then flaked. And you know what? I love what I got from all my in-laws WAY better than the purchased gifts from my family. It was fun and special.
    What are your guys travel plans for next Christmas by the way?

  2. Morgan says: January 17, 2008 at 8:05 pm

    Hey, you handmade my present…and it ROCKED! Don’t short change yourself! And for the record, I could never have enough handmade jewlery from you!

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