This is the title of my favorite Crowded House song.

Fall is also my favorite time of year.  So much so that I got married in the Fall.  To be more specific, I got married 9 years ago today (October 3, 1998).

The photo above was taken on our first anniversary.  The champagne flutes were the ones we used at our wedding and the idea was to use them every year on our anniversary.  I think we’ve forgotten to do it more years than not though.  The cake in that picture was from the top of our wedding cake and unfortunately, did not keep well.  It looks pretty though!

Anyway, I’ve said before it’s fun to be married (see #94) and it is.

To celebrate this grand occasion, Mick and I are going to dinner at the new restaurant in the Casa del Mar Hotel.  Frankly, the old restaurant in this location was pricey but not the best food-wise–though the location made up for it a little.  The bar at Casa del Mar is one of my favorite places.  I am looking forward to trying the new restaurant, and will eat with an open mouth, if not mind.

Fall is about more than my wedding anniversary, however.  I’m not sure why I love it so much–especially since I live in a place that only has one-and-a-half seasons, if that.  I think it’s the lead up to the holidays, the return of cooler weather, and the good vibes I feel this time of year.  Oh, and the food, my God, the food–there are so many yummy food holidays this time of year.

To celebrate the Fall, I made an Autumn Celebration Necklace yesterday:


The pendant is a brushed silver leaf with a pretty little red garnet.  I think I might make a few more of these with different colored gemstones.  Its a simple celebration of this happy time of year.

Happy Fall!

Update 9:17pm:  The restaurant, Catch, was definitely better than the old one.  Certainly try the crab fondue, pork loin, and chocolate terrine if you ever go there.  Mick had the NY strip steak, which was delicious as well.

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  1. Antoinette says: October 4, 2007 at 8:16 am

    The new necklace is beautiful. Cute pic! Glad dinner was yummy. Yay! 9 years!!!!

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