Sometimes I feel like a bit of a poser when it comes to crafting because I’m relatively new to it.  When I was a kid, I didn’t do much in the way of making things, although I did write a lot.  I remember I used to make little satirical “magazines” (more like pamphlets) based on Better Homes and Gardens.  They were made out of construction paper and I’d staple the pages together then draw pictures and write “articles.”  That’s as close to crafting as I ever got.  Wait, that’s not true–I remember I had a little metal loom that you’d put elastic loops on and weave them through to the other end to make potholders and such.  That’s the closest I ever got to crafting.


Now, a day doesn’t go by where I’m not making something.  I don’t think it’s because I didn’t have the interest when I was younger, it’s just that so many other things got in the way.  And it wasn’t that I lacked creativity–I made a lot of stuff for my doll house and my Barbies had some pretty sweet digs (I used to make waterbeds for them out of zip lock bags and my record albums formed the walls of their houses).  All that said, I was never a crafter like my sister and mom were, and I certainly never considered myself an artist.  Frankly, I still don’t.  There’s something about that word, that label, that I really don’t feel qualified to apply to myself.

Not that it matters.  I create a lot of stuff that can be called art, for lack of a better word.  I enjoy making it, people like it, and they even buy it.  If I don’t feel like calling myself an artist, then I’m not sure it makes much difference.

I’m not saying this to knock myself down–I love what I create and think it’s for the most part beautiful.  Maybe I just don’t like labels.  Maybe I don’t want to be defined by any one thing because I’m so likely to change my mind and switch to something else.*

But enough about that.  The new issue of Knitty is here and there are things I’m going to have to knit:

Patch Pocket Raglan – There are some really talented male knit designers out there.  This is an example.  I totally wish my husband would start knitting–I think it would suit him and his programmer mentality well.

Mr. Greenjeans – Hooray for the raglans!  I solemnly swear I will not knit myself a non-raglan sleeve sweater ever again.  (And how cute is her haircut)?

Flower Power – This, frankly, is a must-knit.  I already have three recipients in mind.

I have already started my Christmas knitting and have one project that I’m very excited about well underway.  Unfortunately, I can’t really blog it because what if the intended recipient happens upon my blog?  Unlikely, but possible.

*  The one label I do use in reference to myself is “atheist.”  I only do that because I think it’s important to identify myself as such, and in terms that the rest of the world can understand (well, maybe not understand, but at least know the meaning of).

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  1. Antoinette says: September 15, 2007 at 10:19 pm

    I tell all the children in my art classes and all the adults in my evening class that EVERYONE is an artist. Some sing, some write, some create, some may not even realize it. “Real” artists just practice more. When people look at art I do and say things like “I could never do that!” I reply with “yes you could! It just takes a lot of practice!” Art, like any skill, is refined, learned and must be practiced often to progress.
    I have been an artist since the day I was born and always will be. I think you are too.

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