This necklace, of course, is the same basic design as this one.

It is sterling silver, peridot, rhodolite garnet, and whiskey quartz, another one of my favorite color combos.

For a long time, I didn’t like regular old red garnet and always preferred rhodolite garnet because it’s pinker.  I’ve changed my mind though–I have some beautiful red garnets that I will be using a lot in the coming weeks.

And right about now I could use some whiskey because I got a jury summons today.  I thought it was bad enough last time when I had to go to the downtown court house.  This time I have to go all the way to Torrance.  Grrrrrrr.

Mick’s been saying he wants to become a citizen so we can apply to be on the Amazing Race (I think he’s serious, too), but when the summons came in the mail he changed his mind.

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