After what seems like a long hiatus due to traveling and a cold, I find I am itching to get back to my blog but more importantly, to creating.  Yesterday was largely devoted to knitting whilst watching HGTV, which I will most likely blog about at a later date if the project I’m working on turns out all right.  On the jewelry front I am finally able to put some energy into my new line which I hope to blog about in the coming days and weeks.

So, in absence of any new work to show, I was looking through my jewelry photographs and found some photos of my PMC work completed in the last year or so.

Leather Bead Bracelet

This leather bracelet is comprised of a single PMC bead and “clasp.”  The clasp is actually more of a button–this technique could easily be modified to use a button in fact.  Good thing I raided my grandma’s vintage button collection when I was last in Oregon. 


Geometric PMC Earrings

These earrings are a combination of PMC and sterling silver.
The large shapes are made of PMC of course, but they could almost as easily be fabricated in sterling silver sheet.

Flower Pendant

This pendant was sculpted in PMC, fired, then oxidized and polished.  I sold it quite awhile ago, but it remains a favorite piece.

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  1. Antoinette says: May 7, 2007 at 7:27 pm

    Glad you’re back! I missed seeing all your goodies.
    I found a PMC class in Davis that I really want to take. You’ve inspired me to branch out and try new mediums.
    I love the PMC jewelry you put up. Especially the bracelet. Simplicity at it’s finest.

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