Hooray!  The Spring 2007 issue of Knitty
came out the other day and there are a few things I am thinking about knitting:

– I’ve never actually knit a pair of socks, but lately I’ve been
wanting to.  Though these are a bit complicated, I might make them my

Carolyn – I
really like the shape and casual-comfy look of this cardigan.  I also like
that it has raglan sleeves.  Since horizontal stripes are not my friend, I
might choose to do this solid or at least with less contrast, but the overall
shape and style of this sweater is very appealing to me.

Torque – I’m
attracted to this sweater, though I might not ever knit it.  I like its
asymmetry and pinning the collar with a broach is a great look.  I need to
be careful with pullovers though because A) they make me look boxy and B) I
always get too hot to wear them for very long.

Paper Bag – I
love this.  I’ve never knit a bag before and this one is great.  I
tend to go off knitting in the warmer months and perhaps something like this
would be a good non-winter project.

And speaking of handbags, I am itching to
make one.

2 Replies to “Knitty.com – Spring 2007”

  1. holly west says: March 13, 2007 at 2:44 pm

    maybe that’s what I ultimately don’t like about Torque. It does look like it has the power to add pounds. But I am intrigued with some of it’s design elements, so I still like it.

  2. Antoinette says: March 13, 2007 at 8:42 am

    Ok, my comments?
    Wasn’t a big fan of the Torque. Why work so hard to shed those pounds when even Nicole Richie would look fat in that one. It is cute, but yes, would make anyone look boxy and add lbs on.
    The socks were VERY cute. I’m a sucker for the photo too. The wine was a nice touch.
    The bad was very cool, though I’m a dedicated Coach girl.
    I think I’d go for the socks. Something new to try and very cute. I could totally see them with a short skirt. Nice!

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