I am knitting a sweater for a friend’s child who turns one on the 23rd. 
So far, I’ve finished the back and part of an arm.

The basis of this project is the "Little Girl Big Heart Sweater" from

Hollywood Knits
, by Suss Cousins. 

This design
from her website is very similar.  Since I’m knitting this
for a boy child, I’m going to substitute the big fuzzy heart that appears in the
original pattern with something else–though I’m not sure what yet.  I’m
thinking a puppy or perhaps a "tattoo" of a heart that says Mom or something.

The pattern calls for cotton yarn, but I’m using Caron simply soft.  I
have a lot of it left over from a project I never did and it’s a good, soft,
durable yarn for children’s projects.

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