Mashed Cauliflower Recipe

I’ve made mashed cauliflower before and it was delicious. However, the recipe called for so much cream and butter it could hardly be called healthy. This week’s CSA box had cauliflower in it and as soon as I saw it… Continue Reading

Slow Cooker Turkey Chili Recipe

Chili isn’t necessarily all that ground-breaking a recipe, but I created my own version of slow cooker turkey chili that Mick and I love. In the winter months I make this several times a month, and during the summer it’s a… Continue Reading

Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe (Crock Pot)

I add peppers to pretty much everything, and chicken soup is no exception. The result is this spicy chicken noodle soup. This delicious soup is easily made in a crock pot (or the stove top) and it will knock your… Continue Reading

Pasta with Shrimp, Tomato, Garlic & Basil Recipe

A long time ago, I used to go to a restaurant in Los Angeles that served a dish called Pasta Portofino (or something like that). It included pasta with shrimp, tomato, garlic, and basil. It was a favorite of mine,… Continue Reading