Yazuya Ryokan

We’re up early this morning, our last in Tokyo, so I thought I’d make one more post while I was here.  I am so ready to be home!  But on to more interesting thoughts… There is no question, one of… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday to Mick & Kyoto Day 1

Note:  You can view Mick’s photos & video for this day here. It being April 1 here in Japan, I’m obviously a bit behind in blogging since Mick’s birthday was on March 28.  Still, I don’t think I’m doing too… Continue Reading

A Day Trip to Yokohama

Note:  You can view Mick’s photos of this day here. On our 4th day in Japan, Mick and I decided to take a day trip to Yokohama.  One of our guide books said that while going there is interesting, it… Continue Reading

To Nishi Nippori and Beyond!

Note:  You can view Mick’s photos and video of this day here. Though I am blogging our third day in Japan, it is actually the fifth day.  Mick is 40 today (March 28)!  Can you believe I’m married to such… Continue Reading

War, What is it Good For?

We woke up this morning to a rather bleak day, which kind of changed our plans.  Originally I’d wanted to go to a museum and then stroll to Ginza because they block off one of the main streets to traffic… Continue Reading

This Little Fishy Goes to Market

Here we are, safe and sound in Tokyo.  We arrived on Friday evening, which was actually late Thursday night for all you Americans out there.  The flight was uneventful and not altogether unpleasant, though as with any long plane trip… Continue Reading

We Interrupt This Weblog…

Today is take off day.  The dogs are going to the kennel (sob!), our bags are packed, and we’re ready to get our groove on in Japan. Of course as soon as the suitcases came out the dogs got nervous.… Continue Reading