Noir at the Bar – Los Angeles


I don't have much to add to Stephen Blackmoore's post about NOIR AT THE BAR – LA EDITION.


It's likely I'll be reading a bit of my own work at this hallowed event, which is a pretty big deal to me, being a relative novice and all. And even if I weren't reading, getting the chance to meet up with my fellow LA writers and hearing them read their own work–well, that sounds like a damned good evening.

Visit the facebook page for more info. 

Hope to see you there!

Holly West


  1. congratulations Holly. that sounds like a big accolade, wish I could hear you read.

  2. Holly, hey — big CONGRATS … I just found your dashing criminal mind over in the CircleWorld @ G+ … and saw that you’ll be reading with ERIC BEETNER too — Will you please tell him I tracked you down to wish him well too?
    Thanks — I’ll be following everyone’s updates from such a grand event — Will I see you for real at Bouchercon, come September?
    ~ Absolutely*Kate,
    believing in believers and the shadows of noir
    ~ AT THE BIJOU and around WebTowne

  3. Thanks, Kate! Nice to meet you, and yes, I’ll definitely be at B’con so we can meet in person.

  4. Holly, really enjoyed your reading last night, fine job. I’m looking forward to reading the book, sounds like just my cup tea.

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