A Moment of Sadness

Pardon me while I take a moment: Inspired by the recent Madonna episode of Glee I was listening to some old Madonna songs and came upon this one. It brought on an uncontrollable jag of tears. Not for the obvious… Continue Reading

Flash Fiction: A Piece of Cake

Last week, I wrote my first piece flash fiction. Flash fiction varies in length, but for my purposes, I wanted to keep it under 1000 words. A Piece of Cakeby Holly West     On the morning of my tenth birthday,… Continue Reading

Great Opening Lines

I am on a never-ending quest for the perfect opening line. As part of my search, today I went through a bunch of my books, looking at the opening lines while I hoped for inspiration to strike. It hasn't–yet–but I… Continue Reading

Heir to an Execution

On this day in 1951, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were sentenced to death for conspiring to commit espionage for the Soviet Union. I bring this to your attention not to discuss the guilt or innocence of the Rosenbergs, even though… Continue Reading

Hachiko Stolen!

It’s April Fool’s Day. I’ve never been much of a celebrant of this “holiday,” but I do enjoy a good April Fool’s joke–I just don’t do ’em because I can never think of a good one. Speaking of good ones,… Continue Reading