When I was younger, I didn’t like pink.  In fact, if anyone would’ve asked, I probably would’ve said I hated it.  But something happened around age 35 and I suddenly started loving pink.  Now, pink or at least pinkish is a standard color in my wardrobe.

While I really don’t think of myself this way, I am, at heart, a girly-girl.  I love make up and jewelry and pretty curls, I played with baby dolls and barbies as a child (and still do when the opportunity arises), and I love flowers and color and all the things that manly men lift their noses to.

All this to say that I am in love with this bracelet, largely because of its color scheme:  Pink!

The stones are rose quartz (which, like aventurine, represents peace), rhodolite garnet, red garnet, peridot, and citrine,   The sterling plate reads “Speak your peace.”

I should probably take a moment to say that even though I do use certain stones, like the rose quartz, for their representation or symbolism, I am not someone who believes in the power of stones to heal or the mysticism of crystals or anything like that.  I like the idea of it, but that’s about it.

Ahem.  Back to the jewelry.

I said I’d be using more garnet, and so I am:

These earrings are red garnet with sterling silver and I like them a whole lot.  All and all, I’m really enjoying my work in the past week, which is good, because I’ve got a whole lot more to do by June 2.